Young Drivers and UK Car Insurance Rates

Recent legislation enforced by the European Court of Justice means that there will no longer be a significant difference in policy prices between men and women. However, young drivers will still be penalised with expensive car insurance rates because of the damning accident statistics that relate to teenage driving.

Young drivers in the UK do not have as many options available to reduce car insurance rates as their US cousins. Major car insurance companies do not accept academic performance as a means of expressing responsibility and the only way that young drivers can bring down the cost of car insurance quotes is to take an advanced driving examination.

Thankfully, a new incentive exists throughout the United Kingdom that gives young drivers the opportunity to improve their driving skills. The Pass Plus course is essentially a practical driving examination supported by qualified instructors who hone the skills learned during the basic driving test. Although a small amount of theoretical knowledge is covered throughout the course, the examination itself is very much hands-on.

Young drivers will learn how to use dual carriageways, motorways and country roads. There is also a section of the course that is dedicated to night time driving, and this has proven to be particularly useful because most fatal road traffic accidents involving road users under the age of 25 occur when it is dark. Although car insurance quotes remain expensive after the Pass Plus course is completed, young drivers can still expect to enjoy discounts of up to 20%.

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