Young Car Insurance in CA

Young car insurance in CA can be an expensive undertaking and there are several reasons for this. Even if a young motorist has a faultless driving history, they are highly likely to face an auto insurance rate that reflects the high-risk categorization road users under the age of 25 are automatically put into.

The reasons for expensive car insurance quotes in CA are actually very understandable. A young motorist is twice as likely to be involved in a fatal road traffic accident as an equivalent driver from any other age group. If the young driver happens to be male, a car insurance quote will be even more expensive.

Thankfully, CA auto insurance can be significantly reduced if young vehicle owners take preventative measures and adopt a responsible attitude to driving. In general, car insurance costs can be reduced if the following tips are followed:

  • Don’t be tempted to purchase a car with an excessive amount of power. This will increase the risk of being involved in an accident and auto insurance underwriters will be aware of this. Stick to a vehicle with a small engine capacity instead
  • Doing well at school doesn’t make you a nerd! In fact, CA auto insurance companies will be delighted if you achieve consistently good grades. They’ll see you as a responsible young person with an intelligent outlook to life and, ultimately, they will reward you with a preferential car insurance rate
  • Why drive when walking keeps you fitter? Minimize your annual mileage by avoiding vehicle use whenever possible. The less time you spend driving, the lower the chances of being in an accident. Enjoy the cheapest auto insurance when you stay below 6,000 miles a year

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