Will Modifications affect my Auto Insurance Quotes?

Auto insurance rates are set using a variety of different considerations. Driving histories, age and even credit records can all affect the cost of auto insurance quotes and motorists should always be aware of these influencing factors. However, one of the lesser-known reasons behind expensive auto insurance quotes is the vehicle itself and rates can increase significantly if a vehicle has been modified.

Modifications can take many shapes and forms. Engine upgrades are one of the most common modifications and usually, these changes will lead to an increase in performance. The faster a car goes, the greater the chance of the driver being involved in a road traffic accident and auto insurance companies will charge higher premiums for modified engines as a means of reducing their own levels of risk.

Cosmetic changes are also popular amongst vehicle owners and most of the time, these modifications are made in the shape of body kits that improve aerodynamic performance. Spoilers, side skirts and roof deflectors are the most common additions. As well as increasing performance, cosmetically modified vehicles also act as a magnet to car thieves and vandals and auto insurance companies will adjust their rates accordingly based on the type of work that has been carried out.

Wherever possible, drivers are advised to keep their vehicles in standard condition to help avoid significant rises in their auto insurance rates. Although a vehicle may look and perform better after modifications can be made, the expensive auto insurance rates that they attract may far outweigh the benefits once improvements have made.

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