Why Young Drivers pay Higher Auto Insurance Rates in Maryland

Young drivers in Maryland are categorized as being a high-risk group and even those with a creditable driving record will still be expected to pay higher auto insurance rates than motorists over the age of 25. Research has shown that road users in the 18 to 24 year-old age group are almost twice as likely to be involved in a road traffic accident and the possibility is enhanced even further if the young driver is a male.

When an auto insurance company underwrites a policy, they will base a premium on the likelihood of a potential payout. The greater the chance a motorist has of making a claim, the higher auto insurance rates will be. However, there are a series of steps that young drivers can follow to help obtain cheap auto insurance quotes.

Step One – Show a Responsible Attitude

Young drivers can enjoy lower auto insurance rates if they can demonstrate signs of responsibility. Maintaining good student grades is essential to lower premiums and a mature attitude can be enhanced even further if teenagers participate in a defensive driving course. As well as improving their skills behind the wheel, an advanced driving examination demonstrates a willingness to be a safer driver and auto insurance companies will usually reward a responsible attitude with cheap car insurance quotes.

Step Two – Choose the Right Vehicle

A sporty convertible with body modifications and a finely-tuned engine might be the subject of envy amongst your peers but the chances are that your auto insurance company won’t be so easily impressed. Young drivers will find that cheap auto insurance rates apply if they choose to drive an older model without any modifications. A lower engine capacity will also be favored by your preferred carrier.

Step Three – Limit Mileage

The longer a young driver spends on the road, the greater the chance that they will eventually be involved in an accident. When applying for auto insurance quotes, teenage road users in Maryland should base their estimated mileage on essential vehicle use. As well as lowering auto insurance rates, restricted mileage also presents opportunities for forming car pools or using public transport. Over the longer term, these options can save significant sums of money as well as having a beneficial effect on the environment. Cheap auto insurance quotes will also be easier to come by if young drivers refrain from driving at night.

Step Four – Being Safe and Secure

Auto insurance quotes can be reduced significantly if a vehicle has been kitted out with advanced safety and security features. The presence of airbags, anti-lock braking systems, GPS satellite tracking and immobilizers will reduce the risk of accidents and theft and this will result in cheap auto insurance rates. Premiums can be reduced even further if a vehicle is stored in a secure location overnight, especially if the young driver lives in an area of Maryland with an excessively high crime rate.

Step Five – Shopping for the Right Policy

Determining the right type of policy isn’t always as easy as it first appears and young drivers are able to obtain auto insurance quotes from a variety of different places. Although land-based companies provide a reasonable option, many young drivers believe that online auto insurance quotes provide much better value for money.

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