Why You Need Manitoba Rental Car Insurance

Manitoba residents who are renting a car need to include the proper insurance in their plans. The government-run car insurance company offers this type of coverage for people who are traveling outside the province.

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Driving a rental car carries with it a certain level of risk. If the model is different from the one the driver owns or it has been some time since the person has been behind the wheel, the likelihood of being involved in an accident is higher.

The driver may have a claim filed against him or her for damages caused in the accident. Having rental insurance coverage in place pays for the cost of repairing the other driver’s vehicle, as well as the injured person’s medical bills.

When a person drives a rental vehicle off the agency’s lot, he or she is also responsible for any damage caused to it until the car returned. It doesn’t matter in this case whether the customer is at fault or not. The car rental company will also look to the customer for compensation for “down time” while the vehicle is being repaired. After the accident, the customer may be required to pay out more money to rent a replacement vehicle.

Buying rental car insurance coverage protects drivers in Manitoba from all of these losses. Rental agencies offer coverage to customers. Before automatically turning it down, the customer should review the contract carefully to understand what type and level of coverage the company is offering.

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