Why You May Need Temporary Auto Insurance Coverage

Most auto insurance policies are written to cover a six or 12-month period, but there are times when one of these doesn’t meet a driver’s needs. Temporary auto insurance coverage is a product which is available to consumers who only want or need to have coverage in place for a limited time.

A vehicle owner who is planning to sell his or her car or who will be moving out of state in the near future can benefit from a temporary auto insurance policy. Insurance companies offering this type of protection will write a policy for a set time, which can be three months or less.

Other circumstances when buying a temporary auto insurance policy can make sense include when the driver will be using a friend or family member’s car for a time or needs to get some coverage in place for a new vehicle in a hurry. In the latter situation, the temporary policy will allow the new car owner to take the car off the dealer’s hands and provides protection until he or she can arrange for longer-term coverage.

Before looking for short-term auto insurance coverage, a driver should consider who much protection he or she needs and for how long. Using this information as a guide, the consumer can get quotes for the precise type of insurance which is needed. A temporary policy will cost more than a standard one but it does provide protection for drivers in very specific circumstances.

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