Why should Indiana Motorists increase their Minimum Auto Insurance Coverage?

There is little doubt that the current economic climate is having a major impact on the way consumers are making purchases. The liberal attitudes of just a few short years ago have been completely replaced with a more cautious attitude to spending as homeowners and motorists look to make increased savings on their monthly outgoings.

Auto insurance has become one of the most significant aspects of financial control and this is endorsed by the growing number of price comparison websites and strategic television advertising campaigns where cost is used as one of the most influential sales points. The internet has provided a welcome boost for motorists in Indiana and there are a number of notable discounts to be enjoyed when auto insurance quotes are obtained online.

Most major insurers offer an automatic discount in the region of 10% for all internet purchases and even greater savings can be made on some price comparison websites because of the aggressive nature of company trading. Rival carriers are using price comparison websites to offer cheap auto insurance policies on a head-to-head basis with their biggest rivals and price is one of the biggest factors that a company can use to sell their products and services.

Unfortunately, many consumers are blinded by the attraction of cheap auto insurance quotes to the point where coverage detail is often neglected. However, most conscientious price comparison shoppers will already be aware of the fact that value-for-money can only be truly achieved if the product being sold is of equal benefit. Many car insurance quotes offered on price comparison websites only meet the basic levels of mandatory coverage but consumers are always advised to increase their online auto insurance levels if it is affordable to do so.

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Increasing Liability Limits

Indiana is a Tort state and as such, any motorist found to be at fault in a road traffic accident will be financially responsible for the cost of injuries sustained to third parties and damage to their property. If a motorist chooses to purchase the minimum levels of coverage, there will be little that an auto insurance company can do if the costs exceed the limits contained within a policy. This can lead to enormous out-of-pocket expenses and motorists in Indiana should always consider increasing their liability coverage wherever it is affordable to do so.

Medical Expenses

There are no minimum requirements in place regarding medical expense costs for motorists in Indiana if they are found to be at fault in a road traffic accident. It is vitally important that your own health and welfare are considered with as much importance as that attributed to other drivers. Personal injury protection is a vital auto insurance addition that will cover medical expenses, funeral costs and loss of earnings for yourself, your passengers and any other named driver on a policy as long as sufficient levels of coverage are in place.

Collision Coverage

An at-fault accident will inevitably cause damage to the vehicle of the policy holder as well as those of third parties. Collision coverage is an integral part of a suitably tailored auto insurance package and will cover the cost of repairs to a vehicle when a policyholder is deemed to be responsible in an impact-related incident including those with stationary objects such as trees or household property.

Comprehensive Coverage

There will inevitably be occasions where damage will be caused to the vehicle of a policyholder outside of accident conditions. Comprehensive coverage allows for the cost of repairs caused by acts of theft or vandalism as well as extreme or adverse weather conditions. Effectively, comprehensive coverage takes cares of any eventualities that aren’t typically covered by collision coverage.

Uninsured/ Underinsured Motorist Coverage

There can be nothing worse than finding yourself involved in a road traffic accident where the other driver is deemed to be responsible, only to find that they haven’t got sufficient auto insurance coverage in place. Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage will pay for the cost of your own medical treatment and repairs to your vehicle if you are hit by a driver who has insufficient auto insurance protection.

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