Why Performance Cars cost more to insure

Talk to any car enthusiast and the chances are that you’ll be regaled about the abilities and specifications of a number of high-powered vehicles that, in all honestly, are completely out of the price range of most US road users. Even if you do have the money for the latest performance vehicle, you’ll still find that auto insurance quotes will be just as disproportionate to the price you’ll pay for that elusive dream car.

The high engine capacities of performance vehicles mean that they are capable of ridiculously high levels of speed and acceleration. Although these attributes might be attractive if you’re looking to enter the Indy 500, the chances are that they’ll be of very little use to you if you are only driving in densely populated areas.

However, it isn’t until motorists reach the open roads that the problems really start. The temptation to test the limits of performance vehicles often sees drivers taking their cars to extreme limits and this is where accidents are most likely to happen. Inexperience, distractions or a simple mistake can have dire consequences and if a performance vehicle is heavily damaged, the repair costs are likely to be incredibly expensive.

Auto insurance quotes for performance vehicles are underwritten by companies that are fully aware of the dangers associated with excessively fast driving and a lackadaisical approach to one’s own motoring skills. The increased chances of a high impact accident inevitably result in exorbitant auto insurance rates and road users are recommended to cut their teeth in a small vehicle with a low engine capacity before turning US roads and highways into a private racetrack.

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