Why is Auto Insurance Cheaper for Women?

The subject of auto insurance women can be a particularly difficult one to address, particularly for male drivers who feel that women receive preferential treatment from insurance companies. However, insurance prices for women are actually lower for a reason.

Auto insurance companies operate on a factor of risk and calculations are worked out using a number of different elements. Part of the calculations take national statistics into account based on the number of female drivers involved in road traffic accidents in comparison to their male counterparts. In terms of the number of total accidents that both sexes are involved in, the figures are actually quite similar. However, male drivers tend to be involved in accidents that involve expensive repair costs and there are a number of reasons behind this.

Male drivers tend to drive faster or use faster roads. Many male motorists use freeways on a more regular basis because of work or commuting commitments compared to female drivers who tend to work more locally. Also, female motorists with a family and children usually drive their vehicles in built-up areas where average speeds of slower. Typical examples of female driving habits might include dropping children off at school or carrying out the weekly shopping.

Furthermore, women tend to drive more defensively than males and this is especially true of young drivers. This means that female motorists reduce the risk of high-impact accidents, speeding tickets and other traffic violations. Even though women may pay more for auto insurance until they reach the age of 24, it is still highly likely that their premium prices will be comparatively lower on an equivalent policy offered to a male driver of a similar age.

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