Why has my Auto Insurance Company Cancelled my Policy?

My auto insurance company appears to have cancelled my policy. What’s happened?

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Your car insurance company can cancel your policy for any number of reasons but the two most common instances are non-payment of premiums or presenting inaccurate information pertaining to a vehicle or the person driving it.

How do I know if my payments are up to date?

When you took out the policy, you will have either paid for it in full or arranged a monthly payment plan so that your insurance coverage costs could be cleared in smaller installments to make it more affordable. Check your bank statements thoroughly to make sure all payments to your insurer have been made. If there are any obvious signs of missed payments, contact your insurer immediately as they will normally work alongside you to provide a remedy rather than risk losing your custom.

My payments appear to be fine. What else could have happened?

When you took out the policy, the insurance company would have gathered information about you and the vehicle you want to insure. If the insurance company has made any subsequent checks regarding your driving history and found that you have presented inaccurate information, they may have cancelled the policy because of this. Undeclared motoring convictions or providing misleading personal information are the two most common factors that can cause a policy to be cancelled.

I’m absolutely certain my payments and personal information are in order. What do I do next?

It’s always possible that your insurance company has made a mistake. We’re only human, after all! Admittedly, your policy may have been cancelled on a factor of risk although this is quite unlikely. Talk to your insurer about the problems you are having and see if they are prepared to help you find a solution.

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