Why do I have to Purchase Auto Insurance?

As well as providing peace of mind when operating a motor vehicle, auto insurance is also an obligatory requirement in most US states. Although growing numbers of motorists are prepared to take the risk of driving without having adequate coverage in place, the prospect of heavy fines and suspensions make auto insurance a more appealing alternative.

When motorists search for auto insurance quotes, one thing should always be remembered; premiums will be dictated by influencing factors such as credit ratings, choice of car and driving history. Indeed, a clean driving history can often be one of the most significant aspects in finding cheap auto insurance quotes. Those who choose to drive without auto insurance also run the risk of marring their driving history for many years if they are actually caught.

Auto insurance provides different levels of protection that are usually based around the minimum mandatory requirements of individual states. As well as offering liability coverage as a means of compensating third party drivers for damage to their property or vehicles, a detailed auto insurance plan can also include collision coverage, comprehensive insurance and personal injury protection.

When purchasing auto insurance quotes, road users are advised to seek out a reputable price comparison websites such as the one provided by Promiga. We specialize in providing free auto insurance quotes with absolutely no obligation to actually make purchase. Our policies are underwritten by some of the finest names in the auto insurance industry and can be accessed with just a local ZIP code in most cases.

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