Why are my Auto Insurance Quotes so Expensive?

I can’t seem to find cheap auto insurance quotes anywhere. What am I doing wrong?

There is usually an underlying reason for not being able to find cheap auto insurance quotes. More often than not, there may be information on your driving history that presents you as a high-risk motorist to auto insurance companies.

What sort of information is stored on my driving history?

Your driving history may contain information about any previous claims you have made on other auto insurance policies or it can detail times where you have allowed coverage to lapse. Your driving history may also list any traffic violations you have accumulated including DUI/DWI offences.

I’m pretty sure my driving history is perfect. Why are my auto insurance rates so high?

If you live in a densely populated area with high levels of traffic, your chances of being involved in a road accident are significantly increased and this is reflected in any auto insurance quotes you receive. Crime rates in your area will also affect your auto insurance rates, especially if your vehicle can’t be parked in a secure overnight location. Even your credit rating can influence auto insurance quotes so try to meet all of your other financial commitments on time.

Does this mean I’ve got to accept higher auto insurance costs for the foreseeable future?

Not at all! Try to obtain your next auto insurance quotes from our dedicated website at Promiga. Our A-rated carriers specialize in providing free auto insurance quotes for all US drivers and we never ask for sensitive personal information. With just a local ZIP code, you can find yourself saving money on your auto insurance quotes within seconds!

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