Who Qualifies for Cheap UK Auto Insurance?

Auto insurance rates in the UK, as with anywhere else in the western world, continue to increase on an annual basis. This can often make policies unaffordable for some driving groups and an increasingly diverse range of tactics are being employed to secure cheap auto insurance quotes. Why is it that some motorists find it easier to obtain better prices than others?


Although UK female drivers are involved in a roughly equal number of accidents as their male counterparts, collision damage is usually relatively minor and this results in cheaper repair costs. Because women tend to drive with children in the car or in built-up areas, their average speed is much lower. This results in cheap auto insurance quotes.

Careful Drivers

Motorists who avoid accidents over an extensive period of time are rewarded by their auto insurance company in the shape of an annual no-claims bonus. This qualifies the driver to an automatic discount on renewal costs and the bonus is increased for every year of accident-free road use.

Drivers of Cars with small Engines

The smaller the engine on a car, the lower the average speed is going to be. This minimises accident risk and many carriers recognise this when they underwrite auto insurance quotes. By driving a car with an engine of less than 1.2 litres in size, the best premiums are easily assured.

Low Mileage Drivers

Even if you own an expensive car, your carrier will reward you if you reduce your annual mileage. An estimated annual figure of less than 6,000 miles can see you saving up to 15% on all auto insurance quotes.

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