Who is Covered Under Your Newfoundland Car Insurance Policy?

When you buy a Newfoundland car insurance policy, do you know who is covered? You and your spouse or partner would be covered under your policy. All licensed drivers in your household must be listed on the policy, even if they rarely, if ever, use your vehicle. The insurance company looks at the people who have access to the car when writing your policy and setting rates for your coverage. Be prepared to provide your insurance company with the following information to make sure your coverage is up to date or when you are shopping around for coverage:

  • Driver’s name
  • Use
  • Frequency of use
  • Previous experience
  • Any driving convictions or accidents
  • Driver training program completed

A person with a valid driver’s license who borrows your car with your permission will be covered under your policy. Keep in mind, though, that when you lend your car to someone else, you are also allowing that person to use your car insurance coverage while they are behind the wheel. If the person who borrows your vehicle gets into an accident, your Newfoundland car insurance rates will be affected by his or her actions.

Unless you are prepared to trust someone else with your car insurance coverage, don’t lend your car to him or her. It only takes a moment for an accident to occur, and the aftermath can last for a long time after the event.

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