Where to Get a Quote for Umbrella Auto Insurance Liability Coverage

Most car insurance companies will be able to provide a quote for umbrella auto insurance liability coverage. A driver who is interested in this type of protection would do well to look to his or her current provider, since the insurance company may offer a discount to customers who buy multiple policies.

This type of coverage is put in place to provide a higher degree of liability protection than the policyholder’s existing home or auto insurance. When an at-fault accident occurs, the standard liability policy pays out up to the policy limit the driver has chosen. If the level of damages caused exceeds the amount of coverage available, the driver is responsible for paying the difference personally. This is the point where the umbrella policy comes into play; it provides at least $1 million in additional protection. Some insurance providers will write a policy for up to $5 million in umbrella coverage.

If the consumer’s current insurance provider doesn’t offer umbrella coverage, an Internet search will bring up a list of companies which can provide this type of protection. A prospective buyer will need to answer a series of questions before the company will be able to provide a quote. The insurance company will need to know about the number and type of motorized vehicles the customer owns, whether her or she operates a business, and how many claims he or she has made within the past five years before operating a quote.

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