Where can Young Drivers find Cheap Car Auto Insurance Quotes in New Jersey

The problem of finding cheap car insurance for young drivers continues to be a growing issue and finding competitively-priced auto insurance quotes in New Jersey has become particularly difficult. Motorists in New Jersey are saddled with some of the highest auto insurance costs in the country because of population density, the built-up nature of many areas and abnormally high crime rates.

Insurance companies provide auto insurance quotes based on a factor of risk and the stronger the likelihood of having to make an eventual payout, the higher the premium will be. As well as having to deal with the increased costs associated with a largely urban area such as New Jersey, young drivers will inevitably find that their car insurance quotes are higher because of the statistical evidence that indicates a higher accident rate amongst 16 to 24 year olds.

Young drivers are obliged to purchase, at the very least, the minimum state requirements of mandatory insurance coverage applicable to New Jersey. This includes bodily injury liability, property damage liability, personal injury protection, uninsured/underinsured liability coverage and uninsured/underinsured property damage coverage. This extensive level of coverage makes New Jersey one of the most comprehensively protected states in terms of mandatory coverage and this is why auto insurance quotes are so expensive.

Thankfully, there are a series of options available to young drivers and competitive car insurance quotes can still be found from several different resources. The internet revolution has made the use of price comparison websites a particularly common choice and these helpful online commodities can be a perfect solution in the search for cheap auto insurance quotes. By providing brief details pertaining to personal information and the vehicle being insured, the site will quickly produce a multiple number of policies that are reasonably priced. Because rival insurers trade on a side-by-side basis, premiums tend to be much more competitive than they might be from other resources.

Although most major insurers will offer a premium through their own websites, there are a growing number of specialist carriers who provide car insurance quotes for high-risk motorists. As well as offering polices to young drivers, these companies also help in finding insurance for motorists with poor driving histories, bad credit records and sports or performance vehicles. Although these specialist companies used to be excessively expensive in terms of price, the growing number of them has led to increased competition with the market and auto insurance quotes have dropped accordingly.

Young drivers can also benefit from the use of insurance brokers. When responsibility is assigned to a broker, they are legally obliged to find the best possible deal on behalf of their clients. Brokers earn their income on a commission basis which is paid to them directly by the insurance companies. Most brokers will have a large number of companies that they are affiliated to and most of these will provide a selection of discounts in order to gain additional custom.

As well as choosing the best resources for finding cheap car insurance quotes, young drivers can also have a positive effect on premiums by adhering to a number of methods which traditionally see insurance companies applying discounts. First and foremost, young drivers should display an attitude of consistent responsibility in relation to their school grades. If student performance is kept above a specified level, most insurance companies will offer a discount. Good school grades are viewed as a sign of maturity and if a student can display a responsible attitude in terms of their grades, they are more likely to display a responsible attitude in terms of their driving.

In addition, young drivers can also find an increased number of competitively-priced auto insurance quotes by taking supplementary driving courses. As well as showing increased levels of responsibility, these courses will also help to hone driving skills and reaction times. If a young driver passes the course, they will be provided with a certificate which can be presented to insurance companies and further discounts may be applicable.

One of the main areas where young drivers slip up in terms of finding affordable car insurance quotes is in the type of vehicle they choose to drive. Although a flashy vehicle with additional extras and a high performance engine might be ideal for impressing friends, it won’t necessarily cut the mustard with insurance companies. It is therefore recommended that young drivers choose an older, less powerful vehicle until they have managed to build up a safe, recordable driving history.

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