When is a Free Auto Insurance Quote not a Free Auto Insurance Quote?

Many price comparison websites try to attract new custom by advertising free auto insurance quotes on the internet, on the television or in magazines and other publications. On paper, the attraction of free auto insurance quotes is sure to lure in many curious consumers but do price comparison websites really live up to these expectations?

In many instances, your free auto insurance quotes will actually end up costing you money. Although you’ll rarely be asked for any financial details directly, many prices comparison websites actually apply a hidden charge and this is why unscrupulous affiliates manage to generate such extraordinary profits. Hidden charges normally arise if a fee is automatically applied to your free auto insurance quote although this will never be visible until you actually come to pay for your new policy. By that stage, many consumers simply want to get the deal done and they’ll pay the extra money to avoid having to search through an alternative resource.

Alternatively, a price comparison website will work on an agreed commission basis and this will be added to the overall cost of your supposedly free auto insurance quote. This can actually make your auto insurance coverage up to 25% more expensive than if it was purchased through the same carrier directly.

At Promiga, we believe that a free auto insurance quote should be a free auto insurance quote. We never apply any fees or commissions and all of our policy offers are made on an obligation-free basis. That’s why we’re proud to claim that our A-rated providers can save you up to $500 on your annual auto insurance deal and we’ll never look to make a few cheap bucks from you simply for making an enquiry.

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