What You Need to Know About Arizona Car Insurance for an SUV

If you are looking for Arizona car insurance for an SUV, be prepared to dig deeper into your pocket to pay for your coverage. Not only does this vehicle choice come with a bigger price tag than driving a car, but you are also looking at spending more to fill it up with gasoline. As a general rule, you can expect to pay at least 10 percent more for your coverage if you are driving an SUV.

Why are SUVs so expensive to insure? Driving in one makes the operator feel that they are well protected if they are involved in a collision, but the size of the vehicle means that it has the potential to cause of lot of damage and inflict serious injuries on the occupants of the other car if a collision occurs. More serious damages mean higher payouts for insurers, which helps to drive up coverage costs.

Since some models of SUVs tend to be top-heavy, they are more likely to flip over in an accident or when the driver is trying to make a turn too quickly. This type of damage can be quite expensive to repair, which also helps to keep rates for Arizona car insurance buyers who choose an SUV high.

If  you own or are planning to buy an SUV, take the time to shop around for the best rates. Each company uses its own formula to determine how much to charge a customer and taking the time get quotes from several providers can help you save money.