What to Look for when Purchasing Car Insurance for Young Drivers

It is a well-established fact that young drivers are consistently penalized on the basis of their age. Until a young driver reaches the age of 25, auto insurance will remain expensive because of the damning statistical evidence that shows young male motorists are involved in more road traffic accidents than any other group

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Young people in most US states can begin to drive at the age of 15. This is two years earlier than in the UK where a motorist must be 17 years of age before they can legally operate a motor vehicle. All drivers in the US, irrespective of age, must carry the basic minimum insurance requirements for their state. If a young driver is placed in the same policy as a parent or guardian, costs can be significantly reduced.

To compete against rising insurance costs, young drivers are advised to undertake additional training and most major insurance companies will accept a certificate from the Graduated Driver Licensing Scheme as proof of responsible driving. Young drivers who can maintain good school grades will also be treated more favorably when taking out an auto insurance policy.

Unfortunately, a lower premium for young drivers often comes with restrictions attached. Some state will issue a limit on how far a driver may take their vehicle while other will enforce time restrictions in a single period of driving. Failure to comply with these restrictions can see a policy being declared invalid and young drivers should always read their policies extensively to make sure they stay within the confines of their policy.

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