What to Look for in a Florida Auto Insurance Company

Finding great auto insurance quotes can be difficult enough at best times, but how does one go about finding a fantastic Florida auto insurance company to purchase a deal through? There are many different criteria that need to be applied before a policy is purchased and the following checklist should help you to find a carrier that suits your requirements.

  • Always look for an auto insurance company that is licensed to operate within the State of Florida. In many instances, the marketplace can become crammed with fly-by-night companies that are only too happy to take your money and run. If a Florida auto insurance company has been approved by the local Department of Motor Vehicles, it’s usually a safe bet that they are reputable, honest and reliable
  • Always inspect the track record of your chosen Florida auto insurance company before committing to a purchase. The best way to do this is to check their industry rating and consumers are advised to never accept anything less than very best ’A’ grading. Auto insurance ratings are usually assigned through customer references and reports by marketplace specialists, and this makes them particularly trustworthy
  • Never opt for a Florida auto insurance company on the basis of name alone. Although your preferred carrier may spend millions of pounds on advertising every year, their investment might be their way of compensating for poor performance. Once more, it is advisable to revert back to customer reviews to see how other people have fared with a particular company

Auto Insurance In Florida

New residents to the Sunshine State may wonder, “Is Florida a no-fault auto insurance state?” Before buying a new policy, it’s important to understand what the law says about a driver’s responsibility. As with all states, you must carry personal injury and property damage liability protection.

What Does FL No Fault Insurance Mean?

Florida is one of a select few states that are considered “no fault.” If you are injured in an auto accident, you will have to pay the first portion of your medical bills ($10,000) before the other party is expected to pay, regardless of who is at fault. Therefore, the Personal Injury Protection (PIP) you buy is mostly for your own medical bills.

What Is Personal Injury Protection?

If you’re injured in an auto accident, PIP will pay for 80 percent of your medical expenses. Most companies require that you pay at least $1,000 in deductible before their insurance kicks in. The good news is that you don’t have to wait around for compensation or deal with irritating legal issues. Your insurance simply pays up, regardless of who was at fault.

Do People Carry Bodily Injury Liability In Florida?

Bodily Injury Liability is not required by law. It is estimated that 1 in 3 Florida state drivers do not carry this type of auto insurance. However, it would cover you in the event YOU are at fault for serious injury or death.

Most of the time, a no-fault state does not allow people to sue for damages, but in extreme cases of death or serious negligence, it is still possible. With this optional coverage, your insurance company will pay up to the limits of your policy and provide a lawyer if you are sued.

Property Damage

Damage to vehicle is still based on a “fault” system — even in a no-fault state. So, in Florida, you must carry property damage liability of $10,000. This will pay for damage done to the other car. To pay for damage to your auto, you’ll need comprehensive (which covers theft/vandalism/storms) and collision (which covers impact from another vehicle or a wild animal).

What Is Florida No Fault Insurance and Why Should It Be Scrapped

The original goal of no fault insurance was to lower auto insurance premiums by avoiding litigation expenses. Feasibly, when an accident occurred, both parties would be equally culpable for covering the damages. Say someone rear-ended you while you were just sitting at a traffic light, minding your own business. In a Florida no fault scenario, your insurance company would pay out the claim to cover the damage to your car and injuries. The guy who hit you would be charged a higher annual premium for his insurance. Since both companies will have accident claims, it’s believed that eventually the costs should even-out.

Why Florida Residents Want To Dump PIP No Fault

When Colorado ditched their no fault auto insurance, state motorists saved 35 percent on their auto premiums. Colorado did increase the rates slightly for Bodily Injury Liability insurance, but motorists still saved about $322 per year, per vehicle. Prices have not increased since.

On the other hand, Florida no fault drivers have witnessed staggering rate hikes, with some families paying over $3,000 in annual PIP premiums. Critics of the law say that it does not punish at-fault drivers enough and, in many cases, it punishes perfectly good drivers. Only 10 states have a no fault insurance law, including: Hawaii, Florida, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, North Dakota, and Utah.

What Is Being Proposed

In Florida, PIP represents 20 percent of a driver’s auto insurance bill. Rick Scott is pushing a measure that would reduce a driver’s total bill by 5 percent by shifting some of the expense to the health care insurance companies. Injured motorists would then be unable to receive compensation for massage therapy or acupuncture. They would also have to seek treatment within 14 days and would receive a limited benefit of $2,500 for a qualified treatment (rather than the full $10,000 benefit).

“Instead of measures aimed at preventing true fraud, we’re left with a bill that pads the pockets of big insurance companies while stripping consumers of choice and benefits,” Bill Newton, executive director of the Florida Consumer Action Network, told The Palm Beach Post.

What You Can Do

For now, the best you can do is get multiple Florida auto insurance quotes and shop for the best rate!

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Young Driver Auto Insurance in Florida

Are you a young motorist struggling to find cheap young driver auto insurance in Florida? We understand your pain, and know just how difficult finding the right deal can be. Thankfully, we’ve acquired years of extensive experience in finding affordable coverage for young drivers, and also provide a series of cash-busting ideas that help you to save even more.

The first thing we always recommend to young drivers? Go to school and work hard! No! We’re not masochists. However, we do realise that getting good grades at school shows you to be a responsible person and consistent academic achievement is absolutely adored by auto insurance companies. Do well in the classroom, and you’ll inevitably do well when it comes to finding great value young driver auto insurance in California.

How are your driving skills? Did you just take a few lessons and pass your test, or have you committed to safer driving by taking an advanced course. Additional tuition will do wonders for your driving and reduce your chances of being involved in an accident. We know that’s kind of obvious, but it’s also obvious to the auto insurances companies as well. Sometimes, it’s all about how you present yourself and you can enjoy cheap car insurance if you enrol for extra driving classes.

Don’t be another accident statistic. Take proactive measures today by improving your driving skills and you’ll instantly improve your chances of finding a great auto insurance deal that will make other young drivers green with envy.

How to Secure Cheap Florida Auto Insurance

Are you sick to the back teeth of constantly increasing auto insurance rates? Are you completely fed up of being penalised for being a young driver? Does your less-than-perfect driving history drive you round the bend when it’s time to renew your existing policy? Relax, and see what the Promiga difference can do for you.

How do we offer cheap Florida auto insurance? Firstly, we only operate in an online capacity so there are no expensive overheads to cover. We never have to pass on our costs to you because there are no costs to pass on. We only specialise in cheap online Florida auto insurance to keep saving you money year after year.

That means our products won’t be as good as those offered elsewhere, right? Nothing could be further from the truth. At Promiga, we never compromise our service by working with inferior partners who don’t value the needs of our customers. We only work alongside the best in the business and insist that all of our chosen carriers hold a minimum ‘A’ rating. Absolutely nothing else will do.

So we offer great Florida auto insurance at great prices? There has to be a catch, surely? No catches here, and we never seek to increase our profits by trying to sell unrelated products or passing on your details to third-party companies. You are OUR customer and we’ll always be here to treat you like one of the family. That’s the Promiga promise, and it doesn’t get any better than that!

Florida Minimum Auto Insurance Requirements

Before you take your vehicle onto Florida State roads and highways, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the mandatory state requirements for Florida auto insurance. As with any other state in America, there are a number of mandatory obligations that all road users should meet. Failure to meet the compulsory requirements can result in a loss of driving privileges, fines and a revoked license registration.

Florida operates as a no-fault state, and this means that road users have no direct responsibilities or liabilities to the physical welfare of other motorists unless extenuating circumstances apply. As a rule, auto insurance is purchased to cover one’s own well-being and this particular part of a policy is referred to as personal injury protection.

In Florida, all road users must carry a minimum of $10,000 worth of personal injury protection per person. This level of coverage must also extend to $20,000 worth of personal injury protection per accident and this additional requirement safeguards the welfare of passengers inside the insured vehicle.

As part of the Florida minimum auto insurance requirements, road users do have a responsibility towards the property of third party motorists. All vehicle owners must carry $10,000 worth of property damage liability and this section on an auto insurance deal covers the costs of repairs to other vehicles and any subsequent damage to static property. Obviously, these are only the minimum requirements and vehicle owners are perfectly entitled to enhance their levels of coverage if required.

Fleet Auto Insurance in Florida

Business owners throughout Florida are flocking towards the Promiga website to purchase the very best fleet auto insurance deals on the Internet. We’ve already provided a host of key benefits for thousands of delighted customers across the country and we’re always looking to improve our services to bring you even more.

We don’t mind if you’re a small local business with just a couple of cars in your fleet, or an international giant with thousands of vehicles at your disposal. We’re on hand to make sure you get the very best deal in the marketplace and that’s a promise!

When you purchase Florida fleet auto insurance through Promiga, everybody in your company benefits. Why? Because Promiga now tie in fleet insurance deals with group plans that extend to all of your employees, even when they’re using their cars for non-work related activities.

Group plans provide cheap Florida auto insurance because large numbers of individual policies are sold in bulk and the discounts are passed onto your staff. Many companies have contacted us in the past to tell us about the difference in their workplace after group plans have been implemented. Staff are happier, worker/management relationships are more constructive and even productivity has been known to increase.

Don’t just take our word for it. Apply for a Florida fleet auto insurance quote today and ask your preferred provider for information about group plans that can be used within your own workplace. Welcome to the wonderful world of Promiga where EVERYBODY is a winner.