What to Consider when Comparing Motor Insurance

Motor insurance comparison has become something of a big deal within the UK over the past three years and the growing number of price comparison websites has seen drivers saving noticeable amounts of time and money. All of this is achieved without the inconvenience of having to make multiple phone calls or spending entire afternoons trudging around land-based insurance outlets. However, it is important to make sure all of your insurance requirements are factored into the terms of your policy.

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Legal cover should be included to a level of £20,000,000. Most policies will provide this as standard but if an insurer is looking to charge you extra for this basic privilege, it may be worth looking elsewhere for cover.  Breakdown cover is another option which many insurers now offer as standard so if a company is looking to charge you extra for this benefit, make sure the cost doesn’t exceed the typical rates charged by an independent recovery service.

Most insurers now have links with approved windshield repairers and a motor insurance policy should have a free repair or replacement service incorporated. In most cases, the policyholder will only need to sign a receipt for work carried out if a windshield fails. European driving cover should also be integrated into a policy and in most instances, an insurance company will offer cover for periods of up to 90 days before additional insurance has to be purchased.

Motorists should also pay attention to protected no-claims bonuses agreements when making comparisons as most major carriers now offer this feature as standard. It is also advisable to deal with an insurance company that only uses UK-based call centers as this can minimize inconvenience in the event of any subsequent claims.

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