What should your Australian Auto Insurance Company Offer?

Australia boasts more than 70 different auto insurance companies that can take care of most coverage requirements. Making the correct choice from such a large quantity of carriers can be a time-consuming and confusing affair. Promiga takes a look at the qualities your chosen auto insurance company should be providing:

Coverage Levels

Australia uses a three-tiered auto insurance system. The highest level of coverage is comprehensive auto insurance and this provides blanket protection, including third-party liabilities and the cost of repairs to the vehicle of the policyholder in the event of a road traffic accident. Third party and third party (fire and theft) coverage are also available. A reputable auto insurance company should be able to offer you all of these different policy types without any difficulty.


Road users should obtain as many auto insurance quotes as possible from a wide range of different carriers. Although coverage terms and conditions will essentially be the same on any equivalent auto insurance policy, costs can vary greatly. Effective price comparison techniques should help motorists to pick out the best financial deal amongst all of the offers available.


If you are purchasing online, you should find that an annual policy is approximately 10% cheaper than an equivalent from a land-based outlet or a telephone call center. On price comparison websites, savings can actually extend to 15% because of the competitive nature of the open marketplace. If you are unsure whether a discount has been applied or not, talk to your preferred carrier in person to confirm the full policy details.

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