What is the Cheapest Auto Insurance for a 19 Year Old

Finding the cheapest auto insurance for a 19-year-old driver will take a bit of effort, but it is possible to avoid overpaying for this necessary coverage. The best way to keep costs down is to add the young driver’s name to another driver’s policy. This can be any adult member of the household, including a parent, grandparent or older sibling. If the teen driver is still a full-time student, it’s worthwhile to ask about discounts available to young people who get good grades and who have completed an approved driver’s education course.

Auto Insurance Rates for Young Drivers

Young drivers pay some of the highest rates for their auto insurance coverage. Statistically, they are more likely to be involved in accidents than people who have been licensed for a number of years. Insurance companies also know that teen drivers are more likely to take risks while behind the wheel.

Since teens and young adults present a higher level of risk for auto insurance coverage purposes, it makes sense that they should pay more for their coverage. By the time a person reaches his or her mid-twenties, he or she should be able to qualify for lower auto insurance rates as long as there are no accidents or moving violations on that person’s driving record.

Low Cost Auto Insurance for Teens

Buying a new auto insurance policy with a teen or young adult as the primary driver is not the most economical way to put coverage in place. A much better option is to add the young person to an existing policy as an occasional driver. Once a teen has obtained his or her learner’s permit, parents or other adult in the household should request a quote to find out how much more it will cost to add the new driver.

A change in circumstances like a teen becoming old enough to drive is a good time to request quotes from more than one insurance provider. Rates for the same type and level of protection will vary, depending on the company involved. Shopping around will either confirm that the current insurance provider has the best rates or help the young driver’s family find a lower price for auto insurance coverage.

Auto Insurance Discounts for Good Students

A number of auto insurance companies offer discounts to full-time students who get good grades. To qualify, a person would need to maintain a “B” average or higher in his or her studies.

Another way to find cheap auto insurance for a 19-year-old would be to ask whether the insurance company offers a price break to young drivers who have successfully completed a driver’s education program. Doing so teaches a newbie driver the rules of the road and techniques for operating a vehicle in a safe manner. If the insurance company offers this type of discount, it will have a list of approved programs which help policyholders qualify for this type of price break.

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