What is Auto Collision Coverage?

Auto collision coverage is a popular policy add-on that offers increased protection for motorists and their vehicles. The feature can be integrated into any basic auto insurance policy and gives road users peace of mind should they ever be unfortunate enough to be involved in a road traffic accident. However, many drivers choose not to purchase collision coverage simply because they’re unaware of what it actually provides.

Auto collision coverage pays for any damage to a motor vehicle if an accident occurs and the policyholder is found to be at fault. Basic auto insurance quotes only offer liability coverage for third party drivers so their vehicles and property can be replaced or repaired but with a collision coverage addition, the at-fault driver is protected as well.

Naturally, additional policy features will increase the premium on any online auto insurance quotes that you receive. Because of this, motorists are advised to consider whether collision coverage is actually a cost-effective option. If road users own older vehicles with a low market value, it can often be beneficial to waive additional features to keep auto insurance quotes financially manageable. However, those with new or nearly-new vehicles should always consider collision coverage as a means of offsetting expensive repair costs at a later stage.

Collision coverage is often purchased in conjunction with comprehensive insurance. Although comprehensive insurance won’t pay for accident damage, it will cover any situation where the integrity of a vehicle becomes compromised by fire, theft, adverse weather conditions or other incidents that aren’t related to driving.

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