What Information Do I Need to Get a Quote for Nova Scotia Car Insurance?

When you are asking a Nova Scotia car insurance company to provide you with a quote for your coverage, you need to be prepared to answer a few questions. Before the company can give you an idea about pricing, it will need to know the following:

  • Your full name and address
  • Names of other members of your household
  • Claims history for all members of your household (number and type of claims; date when they were made)

The insurance company will also need to know how many people in your household are currently licensed (including those who have a learner’s permit), and the make and model of all vehicles to be insured. Any driving infractions during the past six years for all members of the household must be revealed to the insurance company.

To provide an accurate quote, the Nova Scotia car insurance company will also need to know whether you are driving you car for personal use, business purposes, or a combination of the two. The number of kilometres you drive each month helps to determine how much you will be charged for your coverage, so be prepared to share this information as well.

If you have installed an anti-theft system on your vehicle, be sure to tell the car insurance company about it. Doing so can help you qualify for better rates for your Nova Scotia car insurance coverage.