What Happens if my Virginia Car Insurance Coverage Lapses?

Ideally, you won’t ever have a lapse in your Virginia car insurance coverage, but if you do, it’s an issue that needs to be dealt with promptly. A driver experiences a lapse in coverage when they are no longer protected by their insurance company, either because they didn’t pay their premiums on time or the company canceled or refused to renew the coverage.

If your coverage has lapsed for non-payment, start by contacting the insurance company to see whether you can get back on track by making it up. The insurance company may allow you to make a payment with a credit card or through online banking to bring your account up to date. If the company agrees to this arrangement, be sure to ask when your coverage will be reinstated and don’t get behind the wheel until that date to avoid being caught driving without insurance.

In a case where the insurance company has canceled your Virginia car insurance coverage or has refused to renew the policy for another term, you need to find a new provider right away. A new insurance company will ask about any lapses in coverage when you apply for insurance, and you need to be honest. The company will eventually find out about the incident and if you fail to report it  from the outset, you may be dropped by the new insurer.