What Does Standard Auto Insurance Coverage Mean?

Standard auto insurance is a designation given by providers to describe a certain type of insurance buyer. Most drivers are grouped into this category, which means that they are considered average drivers who present a reasonable level of risk for car insurance purposes. A person who has been assigned to this category has been licensed for at least a few years and may have been involved in a minor accident or have a few points on his or her license.

A driver who has recently become licensed or who has been involved in a serious accident will be classified as non-standard for car insurance purposes. This is an indication that the driver presents a high risk for car insurance coverage purposes and they are charged higher rates for this necessary protection as a result. If the reason for the non-standard auto insurance designation is due to age and inexperience, a driver should be able to qualify for standard rates after he or she has been on the road for a few years. Someone who has been involved in more than one at-fault accident can improve his or her driving classification and qualify for better rates by maintaining a clean driving record for some time. Taking a defensive driving course will also help to change a non-standard driver into someone who can qualify for standard coverage and better rates.

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