What does my Auto insurance Policy Provide?

Although road users have little choice when it comes to obtaining an auto insurance policy, careful attention should be paid to the coverage provided by individual carriers. While most polices will provide the minimum level of coverage required by state law, road users may wish to pay attention to a number of other factors when they are reviewing their auto insurance quotes.

  • Does my policy offer protection for yourself and your own vehicle or property? Comprehensive insurance, collision coverage and personal injury protection should all be considered as vital add-ons to a detailed auto insurance policy.
  • Does my auto insurance policy make allowances for any accident I may be involved in where an uninsured or underinsured motorist is involved? Making claims on a policy with insufficient provisions for uncovered drivers can be incredibly time-consuming process.
  • If I’m involved in a road traffic accident, will my auto insurance coverage offer a simple claims process that doesn’t leave me chasing assessors and engineers for information about any potential repairs?
  • Will all repairs to my vehicle be carried out at a company-approved body shop with a proven track record for delivering quality workmanship within a reasonable time period?
  • While my vehicle is being repaired, will my auto insurance policy provide me with a courtesy car so that I can continue my current lifestyle without interruption or inconvenience?

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