What Does Comprehensive Insurance Involve?

Although motorists in the UK only legally obliged to carry the minimum level of third party motor insurance, the purchase of a comprehensive policy isn’t actually as expensive as many drivers would first imagine. As well as offering additional protection for a vehicle, comprehensive car insurance also offers the driver complete peace of mind.

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A comprehensive policy offers the driver full coverage if they are found to be at fault in a road traffic accident and any subsequent claims will pay for repair costs on their own vehicles and those belonging to third parties involved in the same incident. Comprehensive motor insurance will also cover damage caused by floods, storms or other types of inclement weather.

A comprehensive insurance policy will also offer perfect protection for newer vehicles and if accident damage exceeds 60 % of the cost of a vehicle, most major UK insurers will offer a ‘new for old’ settlement. Replacement cars will also be available to keep the policyholder on the road while a vehicle is being repaired. Furthermore, all works completed in approved accident repair centers will be guaranteed for a minimum period of three years.

If a vehicle is vandalized, stolen or becomes a subject of theft, a comprehensive insurance policy will cover any damage to the vehicle and the loss of personal belongings. This coverage extends to any incident within the European Union and overseas driving can extend to sixty days per trip without having to purchase additional cover.

The cost of comprehensive auto cover can be reduced by increasing the insurance excess figure when the policy is first purchased, although this is only advisable if the policyholder has sufficient financial means to cover any additional costs in the event of any subsequent accident.

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