What does Auto Insurance FL Cover?

Auto insurance FL must be purchased on any vehicle used on Florida roads and highways. Coverage must be purchased through a company that has been licensed to sell general auto insurance and road users who fail to maintain coverage on their vehicles can be suspended from driving and may lose their car tags and registration for up to three years. Fines can range from $150 to $500 so motorists are advised to look for the cheapest FL auto insurance quotes to help save on unnecessary out-of-pocket expenses.

Florida is a no-fault state so it is highly unlikely that a driver can be sued as the result of a road traffic accident. All post-accident claims are made through the policies of each individual driver and for this reason, FL auto insurance quotes should include a minimum $10,000 of personal injury protection instead of the typical bodily injury liability costs associated with policies sold in Tort system states.

Additionally, road users in Florida should acquire $10,000 worth of property damage liability. This covers the cost of all accident-related damage to third party property should an incident actually occur. Drivers can save money on their FL auto insurance by using the Internet to make a policy purchase.

Free car insurance quotes are always available from Promiga and every policy is sold by a licensed company that enjoys an industry-recognized ‘A’-rating on independent reviews. On line car insurance can typically save road users 10% on an equivalent policy and by comparing multiple car insurance quotes carefully, further savings can often be made.

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