What Do I Need to Know Before Choosing Saskatchewan Auto Insurance?

Saskatchewan car insurance buyers need to know that they can choose the type of coverage they can have in place. In that province, residents can choose to be covered under a no-fault or a tort system. Each one is provided by the province’s car insurance plan and there is no difference in pricing for either one. All vehicles in the province can be insured under one of these two coverage options, regardless of its make or model.

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Choosing no-fault coverage means the insured does not have the right to sue to collect damages after an accident. The advantage to choosing this type of coverage is that the injured person deals with his or her own insurance company to collect damages. Going with the tort system means that the individual has the right to sue for compensation after the accident. Residents of Saskatchewan can change the form of coverage they have at any time, and at no cost to them.

The no-fault coverage option is the one that people living in Saskatchewan are signed up for unless they submit a form declaring that they want to switch to tort coverage. The type of insurance coverage in force at the time an accident occurs determines the type of benefits that an injured person is entitled to.

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