West Virginia Car Insurance and Non-standard Coverage

If you have been told that you have been rated as “Non-standard” for car insurance purposes, what the company is saying is that based on your driving record you are considered a high risk for insurance purposes. If you have been involved in more than one accident, have a number of moving violations or have been convicted of a DUI (Driving Under the Influence) or DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) offense, you will likely be given this designation.

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Being a non-standard car insurance customer in West Virginia means that you will be charged a higher rate than other customers for your coverage. If your rating has recently changed, your current insurance company may refuse to renew your policy and you will have to start looking elsewhere for coverage.

In that situation, shopping around for car insurance is crucial. The rate you will be charged for non-standard coverage can vary between companies. There are some car insurance companies in West Virginia that specifically target the higher-risk market and may offer better rates than one that doesn’t specialize in this type of coverage.

Conducting an online search for non-standard or high-risk car insurance coverage can help you narrow your search to companies willing to offer it. Take the time to get quotes from more than one company and compare rates before you make a decision to make sure you are getting the best possible pricing for your situation.

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