Washington Car Insurance and SR 22

Under certain circumstance, a Washington car insurance customer may need to get a special form from the Department of Licensing confirming that he or she has coverage in place. The SR 22 may be required in the following circumstances:

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  • An individual has been caught driving without insurance coverage in place
  • A person has been arrested for DUI (driving under the influence)
  • Someone was responsible for causing an accident and has no insurance
  • A person has several traffic violations or a number of tickets in a short time
  • An individual has had his or her driver’s license revoked or suspended

If an SR 22 is required, the insurance company will provide the appropriate form. Once it has been completed, it serves as proof that liability insurance has been put in place.

Not all car insurance companies will issue an SR 22 form, since the reasons why an SR 22 may be required put a driver in a higher risk category for car insurance. A person who needs an SR 22 may need to change insurance companies to get the coverage they need.

Shopping around for coverage is the best way to arrange SR 22 coverage, since rates will vary depending on the insurance company. It likely won’t be cheap, but it is possible for higher risk drivers to get this type of protection.

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