WA Auto Insurance Minimum Requirements

WA auto insurance customers must have third party liability coverage in place to drive legally in the state. Bodily injury liability insurance pays for medical bills for people injured in an accident. It also pays out a funeral benefit in the event of a fatal accident. The minimum level of this type of coverage required by law is $25,000 to compensate one injured person and $50,000 to pay for all injuries and damages stemming from the same accident.

Property damage liability insurance is also required in Washington. This is the part of the policy which pays for the cost of repairs to the other driver’s vehicle. It also pays for the cost of repairing or replacing public property following an accident. Public property includes guard rails, fences, sign posts and light stands. The minimum level of coverage required by law is $10,00 for this type of coverage.

A driver can choose to buy a policy with a higher limit than the minimum amount if he or she wishes to. This is a good idea, since Washington is a tort state for car insurance. After an accident occurs, one driver is found at fault, and that person (and his or her insurance company) is responsible for paying for the damages he or she caused. If the amount of the damages exceeds the level of available coverage, the at-fault driver is responsible for paying the difference personally. Rather than run the risk of being under-insured, buying a policy with a higher policy limit is a much better choice.

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