Virginia Car Insurance Minimum Requirements

Under Virginia state law, drivers must have at least a minimum level of coverage in place. They must buy at least $25,000 in bodily injury insurance to pay for injuries sustained by a single person injured in an accident and $50,000 to compensate all victims of the same accident – no matter how many people were hurt. The bodily injury liability insurance pays for medical bills and expenses incurred by those people who have been hurt in an accident.

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Along with the requirement to buy bodily injury liability coverage, a Virginia driver must purchase property damage liability insurance. The minimum level of coverage required for this type of insurance is $20,000. The property damage liability insurance is used to pay for the cost of repairing items like mailboxes, sign posts and light stands that were damaged in the collision. It also covers the cost of repairing the other driver’s vehicle.

Buying only the minimum level of coverage required by law is not the best choice for Virginia car insurance customers. If a serious accident occurs, this level of coverage will be used up quite quickly. Any amount still owing once the insurance company has paid out up to the policy limit is payable by the policyholder personally. Rather than facing the possibility of having to pay damages after a car accident, a better choice is to buy a policy with a higher limit in the first place.

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