Vehicles that Qualify for Cheap Auto Insurance Quotes

The type of vehicle you drive can have a marked effect of any auto insurance quotes you receive. In the eyes of those who underwrite your policy, certain models or engine sizes represent a higher risk than others. This increases the chances of your auto insurance company having to provide a settlement and in turn, this additional risk is absorbed by increasing premiums to help cover any potential losses.

Vehicles with a high market value will usually cost more to repair in the wake of a road traffic accident. Components and replacement panels will be more expensive and labor rates will be higher because of the specialist skills needed to repair them. A road user who drivers a top-of-the-range vehicle such as a Lotus or Ferrari will find that their auto insurance quotes are going to be astronomical.

Some vehicles become the subject of expensive auto insurance quotes because of their attraction to car thieves and there are several reasons for this. Some models are much easier to break into and the Honda range is well known for being particularly susceptible to this problem. Additionally, cars of a popular color (red or blue, for example) are more likely to be stolen than less common models (such as yellow) because they are less likely to be spotted in traffic by the police or general public. Surprisingly, this makes vehicle in non-standard colors much cheaper to insure.

Cars with expensive paint jobs or modified parts are also classified in a high-risk group and auto insurance quotes will be more expensive as the vehicles are more likely to be vandalized if they are not kept in safe and secure overnight storage. This should always be remembered if you are looking to secure cheap auto insurance quotes on a particular type of vehicle.

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