Using Security Features to Lower UK Car Insurance Rates

Car insurance companies in the United Kingdom are currently reviewing their pricing structures in preparation of the new operational guidelines that will become valid in December 2012. The European Court of Justice has deemed the current policy of penalising male drivers with higher car insurance rates as unfair, even though accident statistics support the fact that men are involved in a greater number of high impact collisions than their female counterparts.

When prices begin to come into line after the 2012 deadline, some drivers who are currently enjoying cheap car insurance quotes will find their premiums rising. It is essential that road users explore as many avenues as possible to keep costs down to an absolute minimum, and improved security features are a fantastic way of securing the very best car insurance rates.

Although most factory-manufactured vehicles come with a standard immobiliser, it is always preferential to have an aftermarket model fitted as well. This makes it much more difficult for potential car thieves to steal the vehicle and car insurance companies will be aware of this.

Another popular security addition that helps to keep car insurance rates to a minimum is GPS satellite tracking systems. If a vehicle is stolen, signals are relayed via satellite to reveal its whereabouts and this makes it much easier for the police to find. In many cases, stolen vehicles with tracking technology are recovered within 24 hours, and car insurance companies offer hefty discounts on vehicles with a fitted system.

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