Unknown Factors that Affect your Auto Insurance Quotes

Have you ever stopped to wonder why annual auto insurance quotes are becoming more expensive, even though your driving history remains impeccable? Your accident record isn’t the only consideration that auto insurance underwriters review when a policy is due for renewal. In fact, there are a number of unknown considerations that road users should be aware of as a means of helping to keep costs down.


If you live in a built-up urban area where crime rates are constantly increasing, your auto insurance quotes are likely to be more expensive. High crime rates see an increase in vehicle vandalism and car theft so to alleviate the level of risk that an auto insurance company has to undertake, their premiums will increase accordingly.


Once again, densely populated areas often attract high auto insurance rates. Busy towns and cities see an increase of traffic on the roads and this means that the chances of becoming involved in a road traffic accident are significantly increased. Road users who live in quiet, rural areas will always receive cheap auto insurance quotes when prices are compared to those offered to drivers living in high traffic areas.


Have you ever wondered why young drivers are constantly expected to pay astronomical auto insurance rates? Annual statistics indicate that road users in the 16 to 24 year old age group are involved in more accidents than those in any other range. Young male drivers are usually penalized even further when auto insurance quotes are compared to those offered to their female counterparts.

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