Uninsured/Under Insured Car Insurance in Illinois

Unlike some other parts of the United States, drivers in Illinois are required to have uninsured/under insured motorist coverage in place. Not all regions of the United States require drivers to have liability insurance in place. A person who is a resident of one of those states is operating within the law by not having bodily injury coverage. If they happen to be involved in a car accident while in Illinois, it can be a problem for the IL resident who was injured.

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Uninsured motorist coverage pays out when the at-fault driver in a car accident doesn’t have liability insurance coverage. It pays for medical bills and rehabilitation services, as well as compensates for loss of income after the accident.

Under insured motorist coverage works a little differently. It is designed to top up the at-fault driver’s coverage when it’s not enough to pay for the damages he or she caused in the accident. The at-fault driver’s insurance company would pay out benefits first, up to his or her policy limit. Then the under insured motorist coverage would be used to pay the balance of the damages (up to that plan’s policy limits).

Without this coverage in place, the injured person would be able to sue to collect damages, but it may be difficult to collect any amount awarded. An individual who can’t afford car insurance is not likely to have the means to pay for damages caused either.

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