Uninsured Motorists in the UK

Uninsured motorists are growing in number and are fast becoming one of the biggest menaces on UK roads systems. As well as carrying no form of financial liability when they are involved in road traffic accidents, uninsured motorists are also responsible for rising car insurance rates. Because car insurance is a legal obligation throughout the United Kingdom, uninsured motorists face severe financial penalties if they are caught and repeat offenders often risk imprisonment.

When a road user is involved in an accident with an uninsured driver, the claims process becomes much more complicated. It is often difficult to prove who was at fault in the accident, especially if the uninsured driver chooses to leave the scene of the accident without passing over personal details. Although UK road users have a serious of conciliatory measures available to seek financial compensation from uninsured drivers, settlements are often much lower than the sums they would receive from a car insurance company.

Motorists are advised to leave the car in the driveway if sufficient car insurance has not been purchased. However, suitable coverage is much easier to find in the modern age and the competitive nature of the existing marketplace means that car insurance companies are continually undercutting each other in order to secure new business. This is particularly true in the case of price comparison websites, and motorists can usually save up to 20% on typical premium prices when they use these resources

The risk of financial penalties and imprisonment should always be considered by anyone who is considering using a car without sufficient coverage in place. The laws are only set to get tighter and when they do, the punishments are sure to increase as well.

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