Uninsured Motorist Problems Continue to Rise

Recent independent studies show a significant increase in the number of motorists driving without auto insurance and the current economic climate is only serving to make the problem worse. Uninsured motorists now account for approximately one out every six vehicle users on US highways and these figures are supported by research carried out in the first half of 2010 by the Insurance Research Council.

Although there has to be a certain amount of sympathy for those suffering from the growing unemployment situation, the reality is that uninsured motorists are now making auto insurance a more expensive commodity for road users who actually abide by the law and have sufficient coverage in place. It is those who display a responsible attitude that eventually cover the losses accrued from accidents involving uninsured motorists and this is usually reflected in rising auto insurance rates.

Thankfully, many US states are now clamping down heavily on uninsured motorists. Fixed penalty fines are increasing and it is now much more likely that offending road users will be suspended from driving if they are caught using a vehicle without having suitable auto insurance coverage in place. To alleviate the risk of harsher penalties, motorists are advised to take advantage of cheap auto insurance quotes provided by leading price comparison websites.

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