Uninsured and Underinsured Motorists in Arkansas

Although most 50 states within the US have a minimum mandatory requirement in terms of auto insurance coverage, there are still a large number of motorists who have chosen to ignore some of the cheaper car insurance quotes throughout the first half of 2010. Instead, they opt to use their vehicles illegally. In Arkansas, it is projected that more than 20% of motorists driving within the state are doing so without adequate coverage even though laws have tightened significantly in the last few years.

If a motorist wishes to obtain a title and registration on their vehicle, it is essential that proof of insurance is provided. However, the situation in Arkansas has been made more difficult by small companies who offer auto insurance quotes unethically. These insurers effectively offer temporary coverage when car insurance quotes are applied for and in turn, motorists are only obliged to make a small single payment in order to obtain the documentation they require. Once a registration has been obtained, polices are subsequently cancelled and vehicles are driven illegally.

There are also a number of counterfeiting rings who allow illegal drivers to forego the process of obtaining car insurance quotes completely. By targeting uninsured drivers on the internet, these unscrupulous operators provide false documentation at a fixed price yet their offices are usually untraceable and telephone numbers are frequently changed to avoid the attentions of the law.

Minimum levels of auto insurance coverage throughout the state of Arkansas only cover liability issues in relation to other drivers and a policy of this type will only pay out for injuries sustained by third party drivers or for damage to their property. If a motorist is hit by an illegal driver, there will often be little chance of being compensated if injuries occur as a result of their actions.

This makes protection against uninsured and underinsured motorists something of a necessity. When this beneficial level of coverage is added on to a basic policy at same time as auto insurance quotes are being compared, motorists can usually find an affordable solution that offers total peace of mind. If an uninsured or underinsured motorist is eventually found to be at fault in a road traffic accident, the coverage will pay out on a basis of injuries sustained as well as any repair costs to the damaged vehicle of the policyholder.

Thankfully, the chance of actually being hit by an uninsured or underinsured motorist is still relatively unlikely. Even so, it is still highly advisable to opt for car insurance quotes that offer as much protection as possible. There are a number of other detailed add-ons that can be incorporated into a basic policy including personal injury protection, medical payment coverage and collision damage insurance. While most of these won’t be included within basic auto insurance quotes, they can still be added on to a plan afterwards. Naturally, this will result in higher premiums but these can be reduced if the deductible figure applied to an insurance policy is increased.

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