Underwriting and Rating for Kansas Auto Insurance Coverage

When you apply for Kansas auto insurance coverage, your application will go through the company’s underwriting process. This involves having the company consider the level of risk that you present for insurance purposes. If the company’s underwriters determine that you are too much of a risk, the company may refuse to provide coverage to you.

The underwriters will consider your age, gender and marital status. They will also look at your driving record, the make and model of your car and where you live. Your annual mileage and your prior insurance coverage is also factored in. The company you have applied for coverage with will want to know if your insurance coverage has ever been cancelled by the company for non-payment or any other reason.

Once the underwriters have finished their investigation, you will be placed in one of three categories:

Preferred: The best drivers are given preferred status (and the lowest rates). If you have a clean driving record for three-five years, you would qualify for this category.

Standard: Moderate risk drivers are grouped in the Standard category. You would be charged a higher rate than if you had preferred status if you were put in this category.

Non-standard: This is another word for high risk. You will find yourself in this rating category if you are under the age of 25, have a DUI conviction or have a poor payment history.

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