Understanding the Promiga Difference

Take a quick browse through any Internet search engine and the chances are that you can easily come up with a large number of price comparison websites almost instantly. Some will be recognizable names while others will be relatively new to you. What makes the difference between an average price comparison website and a great one?

Understanding the Average Price Comparison Website

An average price comparison website will usually sell a wide range of different products. However, you won’t be able to access them until you’ve completed a lengthy registration process that takes in all of your personal details. Even then, you may find that you won’t be able to receive any online auto insurance quotes without paying a fee. In some instances, that fee may be hidden until you come to confirm a transaction.

Suddenly, your premium rises to compensate for the commissions that the website takes to make a profit. You choose not to buy, but still find that you’re being hassled by a wide range of different auto insurance companies because your details have been passed on through mailing lists that the price comparison website sells to interested parties.

Understanding the Promiga Website

At Promiga, you won’t be asked to complete any forms or divulge any sensitive information. We only ask for a local ZIP code and you can be comparing dozens of free auto insurance quotes within seconds. There is never any obligation to make a purchase and all of our policy offers are supported by informative articles that guide you towards the perfect auto insurance purchase. We won’t try to sell you health insurance, electrical goods or a new car while you’re on the website. We specialize in great auto insurance quotes and nothing else!

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