Understanding Car and Auto Insurance in Florida (Part One)

A valid auto insurance policy must be held by all residents of Florida if they wish to use their vehicles on state roads and freeways. Failure to maintain the adequate levels of compulsory auto insurance is a violation that can see license plates revoked and driving privileges suspended. The only exemption to this is for drivers who only use Florida highways for ninety days or less each year and even in these cases, they will still have to have an own auto insurance policy for their home state that offers extendable coverage to drive elsewhere.

Because sufficient coverage is so important, Florida residents should insist on obtaining auto insurance quotes from carriers that are licensed to operate within the Sunshine State. Prior to purchasing a policy, it can be particularly beneficial to contact the local Department of Insurance to find out details about the carriers you are considering. Insurance ratings are a highly important factor when gathering car insurance quotes and the right company should be able to tick all the boxes in terms of reputation, financial stability and business performance. The recent growth in the number of insurance companies operating within Florida means that there are a handful of unscrupulous operators around and these should be avoided if the best possible auto insurance is going to be obtained.

Operating as a no-fault state, Florida has no obligatory requirements in terms of bodily injury liability although this can be factored into auto insurance quotes if required. However, it is still compulsory to purchase personal injury protection and property damage liability. Both of these requirements must be purchased to a minimum value of $10,000 each.

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