UK says YES to Bigger Fines for Uninsured Drivers

There is a certain suggestion of things being unfair when conscientious motorists religiously renew their car insurance on an annual basis, only for other drivers to flout the law and continue using their vehicles with any coverage whatsoever. Uninsured road users are a growing menace in the UK and other drivers are asking for remedial measures to be taken before the current situation worsens.

Research carried out by Direct Line, one of the leading web-based car insurance companies in Great Britain, revealed that an overwhelming majority of UK motorists welcomed a suggested 350% increase in fines issued to motorists who continued to use their vehicles without sufficient coverage in place.

At present, the maximum fine for driving without car insurance is just £200 but there are proposals to reduce this figure to just £50. This has led to a glut of disgruntled road users who feel their own honestly is being taken for granted. 34% of those surveyed supported the idea of drivers caught without car insurance being forced to re-sit their driving test while 28% welcomed the idea of a lifetime ban. Surprisingly, a massive 77% approved of an initiative where authorities could be tipped off about uninsured drivers through the use of a website or phone line.

It seems the general public has finally had enough of seeing their own premiums rise because of uninsured motorists and at present, approximately £30 of each annual policy purchased covers the expenses that these inconsiderate individuals place on the system.

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