UK Classic Car Insurance

In years gone by, some of the most famous classic cars in the world were built in the UK. The MG, the Triumph and the Lotus are all manufactured vehicles that are considered to be amongst the finest classics ever produced. Enthusiasts in the UK continue to search out old models for restoration purposes and insuring their prized possessions can be equally as important as buying them.

There are many different ways to find classic car insurance. Many companies are dedicated to providing coverage solely for classic vehicles and operate from independent websites or telephone call centres. Many of them are also affiliated with price comparison websites to reach a larger target audience.

Some enthusiasts find that joining an owners club is a great way to find cheap auto insurance quotes for their classic cars. Many clubs are tied in with one carrier where they are offered preferential rates as long as members use their services. This is particularly useful if a claim is ever made as the auto insurance carrier will have a database of companies who can supply rare parts for individual models.

The type of auto insurance purchased for classic cars should always be carefully considered. More often than not, these vehicles are restored for display or show purposes and are transported in trailers. This means auto insurance also has to cover the vehicle that is taking the classic car to a particular event. If the classic car is simply going to be left in storage or driven as a hobby, savings can be made on auto insurance quotes based on low annual mileage expectations.

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