UK Car Insurance Blackspots (Part Two)

National Figures

Rural areas usually enjoy cheaper car insurance than major towns and cities. Even if you live in a small town with below-average levels of vehicle crime, your premiums can still be expensive if the rate and value of accident claims within your locale continue to increase. So where do UK motorists pay the most for car insurance? The following list was compiled by the Money Supermarket website in 2007 and compares car insurance quotes for a 2001 Ford Focus driven by a middle aged driver with a full no claims discount entitlement and an average level of voluntary excess:

London East £315.01
Bolton £311.47
Liverpool £300.28
London SE £289.73
Manchester £273.74
Oldham £260.65
Wigan £255.80
Bradford £243.69
Birmingham £237.07
Leeds £233.34

Road users who live in areas where risks are statistically lower will inevitably enjoy lower premiums. How much lower depends on those all-important influencing factors, but the following list of the cheapest UK towns and cities make interesting reading:

Dundee £116.26
Aberdeen £126.85
Exeter £130.39
Ipswich £136.84
Inverness £136.90
Lancaster £138.64
Lincoln £138.78
Truro £144.29
Taunton £149.95
Bristol £151.10

While car insurance companies continue to increase premiums in high-risk urban areas, car insurance costs within those affected areas will continue to rise.

Taking Control of Premiums

Price comparison shopping is the best way to establish control over your car insurance premiums. Some carriers use certain risk factors differently and these can change from year to year.  Shopping strategically for car insurance can help you to get a much better deal when the time comes for a policy to be renewed. By using a reputable price comparison website such as the one provided by Promiga Auto Insurance Quotes, the best deals can always be assured.

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