UK Car Insurance and the Effects of Bad Driving

Road users in the United Kingdom are heavily penalised for driving infractions. As well as facing a growing number of stiff penalty fines when they are stopped by the police, most offenders are subsequently punished when they next purchase car insurance.

Conviction on a UK driving licence can be instigated for any number of reasons but the biggest peril that road users face is the dreaded speed camera, which has become a common feature in cities, towns and villages over the past 20 years. Speed cameras are installed to lighten the workload of UK traffic police and when a motorist exceeds the designated speed limit within a confined area, the camera captures an image of the vehicle, driver and registration plates.

Once the film inside the speed camera is processed, the offending driver receives a letter through the post offering them the chance to admit culpability. Once an admission is made, the driver is usually offered the opportunity to pay a fixed penalty fine and to have three endorsement points added to their licence. Once a total of 12 points has been reached, the driver will usually face a period of suspension.

Recently, first-time offenders have been given the opportunity to waive fixed penalty points and endorsements in favour of attending a speed awareness class. Although the class has to be paid for by the offending driver, no points are added to the driving licence and the cost can be recouped through cheap car insurance quotes in the future.

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