UK Auto Insurance Money Saving Tips

  • Avoid searching for auto insurance quotes in just one place. There are as many price comparison websites as there are insurers and searching comprehensively will help you to find the best possible deal
  • Only consider fully comprehensive auto insurance if you are the owner of a new or nearly-new vehicle. If you own an older model with a low market value, third-party auto insurance will be more than adequate
  • Maintain a clean driving record by avoiding speeding fines and other motoring convictions. A healthy driving license leads to cheap auto insurance quotes
  • Increase your excess figure to keep premiums down. Although you’ll be taking on more of the risk yourself, you’ll stand to save more money as long as you avoid being involved in an accident
  • Make your vehicle safer by adding extra features like anti-lock braking system and automatic seatbelts. The safer your car, the cheaper your auto insurance quotes are likely to be
  • Add security features to your car to deter thieves. Immobilisers, satellite tracking systems and additional alarms protect your vehicle and your auto insurance company will recognise this will cheaper rates
  • Keep your vehicle in a safe and secure overnight location that’s inaccessible to thieves and vandals, especially if it has undergone some cosmetic modifications. This will make auto insurance rates more preferable
  • Fed up of high auto insurance rates as a young driver? Enrol on an advanced driving course and undergo motorway training. You’ll become a more experienced and a safer driver, which will make you a magnet to many auto insurance companies

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